free ebola ugandaThe world news has been be wielded by Ebola headlines which has consumed the lives of several people in West Africa particularly in countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. This has in turn posed threats in the hearts of those travelers who wanted to undertake safaris to Uganda since Uganda is found in Africa.It is important to note that Uganda is over 4,600 miles away from the affected areas and fortunately no any Ebola case has been reported in Uganda – something that should make those undertaking safaris in Uganda to remain calm and enjoy the ultimate safari memories.Such epidemic diseases have been recognized to pose a temporal effect on the visitor flow in the regions where they are believed to occur thus ending up affecting the economies of the destination states, incomes of private intermediaries and the tourists themselves.Fortunately, such a thing is not happening here in Uganda meaning that things are flowing very well and tourists on Uganda safari are free from any harm. Therefore, people from all over the world can undertake safaris to Uganda to enjoy gorilla tracking activity, chimpanzee trekking .

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