Uganda equator-kyabweThe Uganda Equator at Kayabwe along Masaka Road 77km from Kampala is a re-known must stop for travelers on safaris in Uganda. This magnificent natural feature breaks the planet earth into two equal parts from the north and South Pole presenting a point of meet between these two hemispheres.
A range of tourists on Uganda safaris and tours while making their way to the destinations of Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth for the wildlife safaris in Uganda or extending to the Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks which are Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour destinations tend to make a stop at Uganda Equator crossing Kayabwe not only because of its natural history and beauty but also of its convenience in breaking the long journeys.
The range of craft centers, coffee shops and other artistic collections also extend the experience at the time to beyond the equator its self. Also there is an exciting water experiment where a flower or any other item in the bowl of water swirling on the magnetic forces between these two poles justifying the geographical divide between the south and the northern hemispheres. The travelers also take remarkable photos at this site contributing to their general experience on Uganda.
As a result of its significance and attractiveness, the Embassy of Ireland opted to paint it green during their famously celebrated St. Patrick’s Day which requires them to enhance a feature around the world. This initiative was welcomed in good faith by officials from Nature Uganda, Uganda Tourism Association, Association of Uganda Tour Operators and Uganda tourism Board.
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