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volUganda has the opportunity for her to develop because many countries always have the love to put it to another level as the pearl of Africa. This has therefore contributed to its increase in the number of safaris in Uganda as the tourism destination therefore improving its economy and tourism sector as well.

The recent opportunity of the Indian government developing the tourist sites of Uganda is of so much importance. This is so because the infrastructures of Uganda are going to also be developed hence attracting more Uganda safaris to the beautiful countries. Infrastructures like roads are going to be developed and these will help provide comfortable journeys to the tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.

The hotels near the tourist sites will also be developed because it is the tourist stay and spend their nights while on Uganda safaris. It is therefore good to provide the best facilities to tourists on Uganda safari if the tourism sector in Uganda is to further get a step ahead. Hospitals near the sites are also to be developed to serve better services in case of any sickness to the tourists on Uganda safari.

This will therefore make Uganda a tourism destination after all these infrastructures are well developed because that will attract many tourists to come and safari Uganda without any fears of risking their lives due to comfortable safaris in Uganda.

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