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chimpanzee in ugandaUganda is naturally endowed with natural and cultural attractions that have always made the safaris to Uganda memorable. The natural attractions range from wildlife such as Elephants, Zebras, Mountain Gorillas, and Chimpanzees among others to Mountains like Rwenzori, Water bodies like Lake Victoria and forests like Mabira. The cultural attractions range from Museums and historical sites, Local people and festivities. These attractions are the basis for wildlife safaris and gorilla trekking.

Of recent, Uganda has received some attacks particularly in the Bundibugyo region which have resulted into registered killings and posed fear not only among the domestic travellers but also international Uganda safari undertakers thus threatening safaris to Uganda. This has been attributed to inter-tribal crisis between the Bakonjo and the Bamba who inhabit the Bundibugyo region.

However this has been brought to end. In a press statement issued by the Minister of Internal affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima on July 25, 2014; He assured the Ugandan, regional and international Uganda safari undertakers that Uganda is safe, secure and well protected. The police, Army and the Intelligence are doing great work to ensure that the peace and tranquility in Uganda is at its best. Perpetrators have been arrested and are being prosecuted while reconciliation meetings are being done to ensure tribal unity in the region.

With this, the prime safari destination of Uganda can be considered as safe for holiday and any traveller wishing to undertake safari in Uganda shouldn’t be worried of anything.

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