namirembe cathedralThe current move by the Church of Uganda to set up a museum featuring collections of Christians mainly the victims of the ruthless King Mwanga of Buganda during the early colonial times in Uganda can be considered as a great move in uplifting the image of the Uganda Martyrs site that will in turn increase safaris to Uganda.
The planned uplift of this rich religious site is estimated at Shs. 39bn covering the all aspects including architectural establishments that will enhance the image and bring out the fading picture of this Uganda safari heritage site for the benefit of pilgrims and leisure travellers.
The developments would include the Mukajanga’s command post who served as a chief executioner, the firewood pot; the torture tree of Ndazabazzadde, the prison, the burning spots and the re-known Matyrs memorial church which is custody of the martyrs’ remains. These establishments would be made in a way that brings out their traditional attachment by the Uganda safari travellers. This will strengthen the significance of Namugongo as an epitome of Christian faith in Uganda. The Uganda Matyrs Museum will also bring out the works of the contemporary church leaders such as Bishop Hannington and Janani Luwum who contributed a lot to strengthening of Christian faith in Uganda.
The Namugongo Martyrs site redevelopment features a magnificent tower; Martyrs spring well, Recreation Park and modern lavatories which will interest religious travellers and other travelers on safaris in Uganda. This development coupled by the 10km martyrs trail already developed by Uganda Tourism Board will see the religious tourism in Kampala and Uganda in general rise to the maximum leading to increase in safaris to Uganda and eventual returns from tourism.
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