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uganda-uganda-safaris-uganda-toursThe destination Uganda is noted to be on the move to see the National carrier revive operations before the fall of the year 2017 so as to simplify the Air travel to and from Uganda among the world travelers including Uganda Safari tour undertakers.

It is speculated that the Officials from the Government have set the month of August 2017 to see the wings of Uganda Airlines fly again following a grounding period of sixteen (16) years.  The negotiations with the Aircraft manufacturers namely; France’s Airbus and Canadian’s Bombardier are ongoing with the intention to have the planes for the initial operations leased.  A count of six (6) Aircrafts are anticipated to be leased where the four (4) of them will be allocated to short haul flights and the remaining two (2) for long haul flights thus facilitating the travel of travelers on Safaris to Uganda from both close and distant areas.

The State Minister for Works and Transport Mr. Aggrey Bagiire confirmed the Government move towards the initiative and noted that processes, protocols and eventually the cabinet paper have been followed and developed respectively and now awaiting the cabinet’s adoption after which it will be presented to Parliament for approval and funding.

The carrier intends to rely on leased Aircrafts for the first two years of operation after which it will buy its own since leasing proves to be affordable in the short run but expensive in the long run.

This commitment was reiterated by the President while marking the 54th Independence Celebrations in Luuka district when he acknowledged that reviving the national carrier would save the colossal income outflow as Ugandans are now estimated to be spending over $420 million in travel.

Generally, the revival of National Carrier is expected to boost travel and tourism industry increasing Uganda Safaris and tours thus enhancing economic growth since the sector is among the leading foreign exchange earners for Uganda.