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single tourist visasThe establishment of a single tourist visa couldn’t benefit Uganda since Kenya and Rwanda might continue to attract more tourists to their countries than the motherland Uganda. This might affect Uganda safaris since the number of tourists who travel to Uganda will definitely decrease which will bring about reduced revenues with in the country hence affecting the development of the tourism sector.

Since the single tourist visa is to allow all the tourists to enter any east African county free of charge, this will affect Uganda since the country is land locked and many tourists will end up visiting Kenya since it’s near the ocean. The tourism players have asserted that Rwanda and Kenya are going to be the main beneficiaries in this helped Uganda‘s safari sector declining.

 In order for Uganda to benefit from the single tourist visa, the government should start to invest in serious marketing since this will help in promoting the tourism sector and at the same time providing enough information about the tourism products which are found with in the country, this will not only help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari tours in Uganda.

 The tourist visa will benefit Kenya and Rwanda since these two countries have greatly invested a lot of money in marketing and this will help them in increasing the number of people who come for safari tours with in Kenya and Rwanda. This is because these two countries have connected visitors from West Africa and South Africa, and again these countries have got stable marketing budgets.

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March 4th, 2014|Safari News|