chimpanzee habituationThe influence of internet accruing from global advancement in information technology has been of significant value to world travel and trade. Most of the investors and travellers including Uganda safari undertakers consult the internet before making up travel decisions.
In an international survey that was conducted by Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking Survey featuring year 2013 found that Uganda ranked high in the search engine appeal in fields of investment and tourism which places it in a strategic position to increase people who undertake safaris to Uganda than other African countries. The survey based on the global research that features variables like number of searches done per year regarding a certain country by potential investors and tourists.

In this survey, Uganda ranked in 13th position in terms of trade coming next to Tanzania in 11th position and first than Kenya in 15th position. While in terms of tourism, Uganda ranked in 8th position after Kenya in 4th position and Tanzania in 6th position and before Ethiopia in 10th position.

The Uganda’s ranking in tourism is positive which arises from her natural wonders including critically endangered mountain gorillas that form the basis for gorilla trekking, large populations of habituated Chimpanzees that form the basis for Chimpanzee trekking, the famous Ruwenzori mountains, source of River Nile, Mount Elgon with largest mountain caldera in the world and amazing wildlife including the Big 5 of the land animals not forgetting the unique tree climbing lions which also has formed the basis for wildlife safaris.

It was noted that 70% of leisure travellers begin their travel plans after searching online thus with this report it can be concluded that Uganda is in position to increase on the number of travellers that plan safaris to Uganda.
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