Uganda- Rwanda business ties to promote tourism- Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

primates -ugandaThe tourism sector in Rwanda and Uganda is considered to be the highest income earner for the two countries and this has helped in increasing safari visits to both the countries and this has helped in developing the tourism sectors of the two countries.

The purpose of the business ties is to help in strengthening the trade linkages and also exploit the opportunities which are found in the two countries, one of the opportunities is tourism development which will help in increasing the number of safaris in both countries.

The impact of this partnership will help to develop the tourism sectors since many investors will come up to invest in the tourism industry of both countries, this will help in attracting more visitors to come for safaris to Uganda and Rwanda, which will help in increasing the revenues of the countries and also developing the tourism sector.

Tourism in Uganda and Rwanda has greatly attracted many tourists who come to enjoy the unique attraction of the countries which is the mountain gorilla; this has attracted many gorilla trekking safaris, which has helped in increasing safari tours to Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda and Rwanda share tourism resources like, Virunga Massif which is a home of mountain gorillas which is one of the endangered species, this would help in increasing the number of visitors to the country and also increasing safaris in Rwanda and Uganda.

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