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From the year 2016, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has been organizing Wildlife Marathon awareness events to support and help conserve the wildlife. The Uganda Wildlife Authority in partnership with the ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities is organizing the third edition.

Not only does this awareness program support and conserve the big cats, wildlife is incorporated as well. Tourists who come for wildlife Uganda safari tours, wildlife Uganda safaris, safari to Uganda, Uganda safari, or even Uganda gorilla safari tours always enjoy the conserved splendorous nature in Uganda. The government of Uganda puts in additional efforts to conserve, protect and promote wildlife.

Main cause

The full gear organization of this event is to “Create a safe environment for the survival of the Big Cats”. The Wildlife marathon will take place on 25th February, 2018.

Organizing partners

The Uganda wildlife authority and the ministry of tourism wildlife and antiquities are the main partners. UWA is spearheading the organization and preparations. A team of the marathon organizers will do all the ground work. They will submit a report to the annual wildlife celebrations committee.

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Come be part of the wildlife marathon.


There will be distances ranging from 5kms, 10kms and 21kms. Participants are at liberty to take on whatever category they are comfortable with.

The Routes planned are going through a wide range of communities, school surroundings, general market places town centers and many others. This is to help create awareness of the event to the general public.

The general public, civil servants, students, professionals, NGO’s government workers, tour operators and many others are allowed to participate in the marathon.

The 2018 marathon registration is on going and open to any person or cooperation interested. Proposed registration centers include UWA, UTB, MTWA, UWEC, AUTO, USAGA, UTA and TUGATA.

Marathon awarding

Fascinatingly, the marathon is organized to support UWA in its conservation program for the big cats. Fortunately, they decided to award the best marathon runners. A group of people is going to be put in place to take record of each individual participant.  He or she can freely access their records after the marathon.

Service provisions

The marathon organizers have strategically organized this event. Medical services are to be provided for the marathon participants at the main venue. Security of the participants is paramount. There will be entertainment at the official grounds to keep the participants lively and engaged after the run.

It wouldn’t be nice for you to miss out on this awareness day. It will be a spectacular program and you will enjoy the time spent creating a safe environment for the big cats.

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Creating a safe environment for the Big Cats – Uganda safari news