The tourism, wildlife and antiquities minister prof. Ephraim Kamuntu criticized the Ugandan government for a low budgetary allocation for the tourism sector. Budgetary fluctuations greatly affect the Uganda safari/safaris to Uganda/Uganda safari tour progress because to a greater percentage, tourism highly depends on money.

At an annual status conversational report for the greater Virunga Trans- boundary collaboration, the minister stated that the government should have a big input in the tourism sector. This will help to boost the sector and also make it a priority to the nation.

The greater Virunga trans- boundary collaboration is a body that helps to fight against poaching wildlife. It cuts across Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo.

He continues to say that many people keep on saying that the tourism industry will grow, it will progress. But they don’t have a clue on the way the sector operates and functions.

Out of the 29trillion that was passed in the Uganda budget, tourism and conservation was given only 98.39billion as its cut. The government has instead chosen to place its focus on transport infrastructure in the country.

Because tourism is one of the greatest foreign exchange earners in the country and also contributes over 25% to Uganda’s GDP, it should be supported to help develop the country to much greater heights.


There are quite a number of ways in which the tourism sector can be boosted. Through having continuous Uganda safari tours, more and more tourists fly into the country. Considering and supporting the more promising activities and safari attractions and activities. For example, gorilla tracking in Uganda is one of the activities that’s having big percentages of tourists.

Having international support plus the support from the national government can help to boost the tourism sector greatly.


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Tourism minister criticizes government for low tourism budget. – Uganda safari news.