Uganda forestforests in ugandas have greatly attracted many travellers to come to Uganda which has helped in increasing safaris in Uganda; this has raised the incomes of the tourism sector and also development of the tourism industry. Uganda has got many forests and these have got many tourist activities which the visitors can engage.

Mabira forest is considered to be the biggest forest in Uganda; this one has got many tourist activities which include; nature walks which avail the tourists with many animals, including the monkeys, snakes, and many more, there are  game drives which also avail the tourists with variety of wildlife, there are also many plant species in the forest. These have attracted many safari tours.

Budongo is also a forest found in Uganda, this one has got many attractions to offer to the tourists, there are chimpanzees and monkeys in the forest and these have attracted many chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country.

Maramagambo forest also has got many species of birds and chimpanzees  tracked by many tourists who visit queen Elizabeth national park , this forest has also got many other animals like, the monkeys, and many others.

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