silver back gorillasUganda is considered to be the pearl of Africa which means that it has got a lot to offer to outside visitors inform of Uganda safaris which are mostly carried out with in the country, these have helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector.

Safaris in Uganda have got variety of elements which have attracted many people to come for tours with in the country, these elements include; the wild animals like the hippos, elephants, lions, monkeys, kobs , birds and many more which have been visited by the tourists.

There are also gorilla trekking safaris which have been on a high market in Uganda, these have attracted many visitors who have come for gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and in Mgahinga national park. These safaris have been growing at a higher rate and this means that the revenues of the tourism sector has been increasing.

Safaris to Uganda also include visits to mountainous areas, where the tourists carry out mountain climbing and also there are birding safaris which are loved by the birders. There are also many game drives and the nature walks which are engaged in while on the safari to Uganda.

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