ugandaUganda – the Pearl of Africa as it is profoundly known has always kept her head above the odds. Positioned in the region of East Africa in the South of Sahara, North of Limpopo, West of Indian Ocean and East of Equatorial Jungle, Uganda is set to host the African birding expo from 18th – 20th November 2016.

The destination  is delighted to host the expo as it is anticipated to pull a range of bird watching community both local and international thus popularizing the birding safaris in Uganda.  At the venue – Botanical Gardens Entebbe, the expo will feature a range of stands containing  Safari products along with other materials affiliated to bird watching along with conservation of nature. Among others will include;  birding safari packages, the guide books, binoculars, clothes, cameras and foods.

The African continent’s expo runs every year and a myriad of participants including tour operators, the conservation organizations, hoteliers, Airlines and travel agents are anticipated to be in attendance.  The expo activities will include; Pre and Post expo Uganda tours, Talk shows, Comprehensive lectures, Exhibitions along with Entertainment. The lectures will be conducted in the adjacent hotels.

Uganda is a rich birding destination with 1057 species of birds forming 50% of Africa’s bird species concentration and the global’s 11%. The Uganda Wildlife Education center which adjoins the Botanical Gardens features 120 species of birds including the beautiful African Fish Eagle, Hammerkops, Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfisher and Shoebill Stork among others and thus can be easily explored during the expo.

 For those interested in shopping, the vendors will have in possession – the local art and craft, the outdoor gear, books, media and apps, birding Safari tours, photography equipment among others.

Other stuff like the Uganda gorilla trekking Safari or a visit to the savannah National Parks  can as well be arranged prior or after the expo to gain more in-depth understating of Uganda as a great diverse destination.