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gorilla -safaris in ugandaIn 2012, the famous lonely planet ranked Uganda as the number one tourism destination for the year which aroused a lot of interest among world travellers about Uganda and a cross section of them opted to undertake safaris and tours in Uganda. Two years have elapsed and despite various destinations emerging and creating a new image that would be more attractive to the world, Uganda is still counting among the top 10 tourist destinations.
According to the Bloom Consulting which is based in Madrid Spain, Uganda is ranked as number 8 for the 2014/2015 travel rankings something that still hails Uganda’s potential as a great destination for travellers that have interest in Uganda safaris and tours.
Such position is amazing considering her landlocked position unlike other countries that have got coastal advantage. The Uganda’s advantage like other East African countries lies in natural wonders and safaris.
The study also features the branding of the country and her availability on line as key notes to enhancement of client’s awareness. It amalgamates the unique variables like online search demand that measures the country’s online appeal and the country’s brand strategy. This ranking comes at a time when tourism has taken over the mantle as the Uganda’s chief export. The range of safari packages that range from gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda to wildlife safaris and tours not forgetting adventure and culture combine to make tourism in Uganda resourceful.
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