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uganda safaris -guidesUganda is one of the prime safari destinations in the region of East Africa with great safari packages that range from gorilla trekking safaris, cultural tours, Uganda birding safaris, wildlife safaris, adventure tours and chimpanzee trekking safaris among others. These packages have ensured the thriving of tourism and travel industry in Uganda.
However, selling such packages is a responsibility of a range of players that include the marketers who vend the product, the sales personnel call them tour consultants who respond and confirm clients’ inquiries and eventually the safari guides who delivers the package to the satisfaction of the client including Uganda safari undertakers. And since the tourism product is just an experience, the combination of all these players’ interaction with the tourist determines the outcome.
Uganda Tourism Board which derives its mandate from the Uganda Tourism Act (2008) to enforce and monitor the tourism sector standards by registering, licensing, inspecting, classifying accommodation establishments, travel agents, tour operators, tour guides and stand-alone restaurants has gone ahead to set the exams for the Uganda tour guides so as to enhance quality with in the industry that will in turn derive ultimate satisfaction to travellers on safari tours in Uganda.
The initiative which is aimed at licensing the tour guides began with registration and 265 tour guides were registered and sat the national tour guides exams that ran from 16th – 18th December 2014 at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala. The exams featured tourist driving, birding, wildlife, culture, mountaineering, butterflies, reptiles and languages.
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