raftingThe wholesalers of Uganda safari products – call them tour operators have petitioned the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga over the building of Isimba Dam project. Under their Umbrella Save Adventure Tourism in Uganda (SATU) – one of the leading associations that are meant to champion the adventure safaris to Uganda, the tour operators have remarked that the project that is to be set up between Jinja and Kayunga districts would greatly impact on the adventure safaris in Uganda.

In this regard, the tour operators recognize the significance of electricity generation and its role in the national economic development but also put in consideration the harm that this project could pose to the adventure tourism in Uganda.

Thus, to balance the two, the tour operators in their petition propose that the government consider downsizing from the set dam level of 1: 1055 masl to 3: 1043 masl. The  government proposed level would affect the Uganda safari activities like white water rafting in Jinja according to the tour operators while their proposed level could have little effect on these activities and the people that derive survival from them.

Jinja which used to be a land of water falls has been undergoing change loosing much of these natural features due to power developments which has had an effect on various Uganda safari products particularly adventure activities. It is upon this back ground that Uganda tour operators under the body Save Adventure Tourism in Uganda have decided to undertake this move so as to ensure long-term sustainability of safaris to Uganda. The Isimba power plant is set to be accomplished in three years to deliver 183 megawatts and is estimated to consume 57 million dollars.

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