uganda safarisUganda is one of Africa’s destinations  with a range attractions and activities which prompt travelers to plan safaris to Uganda. Once in Uganda, one has the opportunity to enjoy carious activities including; gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee trekking or Wildlife safaris.

Most of the precious attractions normally encountered on Uganda safari visit are a mixture of primates such as Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, and a range of Monkeys; game like buffaloes, elephants, tree climbing lions and variety of antelopes.  All these are organized and put for sale to Uganda safari undertakers by the tour operators.

This week, the Uganda Tourism Association (UTA) – the umbrella that brings all tourism associations in Uganda organized an all-inclusive training to tackle area of service standard through product packaging and marketing.

In this training, the tour operators – those that put up together Uganda safari packages were called upon to observe extreme honesty and ethics in their service.

The significance of short courses was highly acknowledged but the leaders of various bodies including Herbert Byaruhanga – the chairman UTA. This training was backed up by Uganda Tourism Board and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

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