Uganda Embassy is hosting a Uganda tourism and cultural forum at Bella Centre in Copenhagen  with the theme “TOURISM AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT”.
With the help of Brussels airlines, Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority staffs will be flying from Entebbe via Brussels to Copenhagen. The purpose for the event is to promote Uganda as a unique tourism destination to increase investment chances, endpoint branding and promotion. Meeting with the tour operators and the travel agents from across the five states, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland provide Uganda tourism Board and Uganda wildlife Authority an opportunity to market Uganda as the best Safari endpoint to visit. relative participants like journalists, tourism and wildlife conservationists agencies, will also help in
selling Uganda as a number one tourism destination to visit or safari. According to the Executive Director of Uganda Tourism Board Stephen Asiimwe, the event will
offer best opportunity for Ugandans to showcase its beautiful attractions to the whole world. Uganda is a blessed country with both natural and cultural attractions which is boosting tourism and making tourism the leading economic foreign exchange earner for Uganda. Attractions in Uganda range from wildlife, beautiful landscapes and scenery, lakes, cultural diversity and so much more. Boosting safaris in Uganda provides tourists an existing experience. Safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park offers you an interesting sight while engaging yourself in gorilla tracking and trekking safaris. Safaris to the savannah national parks give you an experiential view of savannah animals including four of the Big five (lion, elephant, buffalo and hippos). Uganda Safari presents to you the different unique cultures in Uganda. Uganda culture is made up of different ethnic groups with each ethnic group presenting different ways of living, dressings, beliefs, and set up, languages, architectures, food and so much more. Therefore safaris to the cultural sites offer you an experience of an African culture.