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mountain gorilla in ugandaThe public body in charge of marketing Uganda as a great safari destination – Uganda Tourism Board has pleaded to the legislators to increase funding for promotion of tourism so as to increase safaris to Uganda.

Edwin Muzahura, Marketing Manager Uganda Tourism Board cited the promotion budgets of neighboring countries like Kenya which allocated $35m and Rwanda which allocated $17m versus  Uganda that allocated only $700,000. Something he described as a setback in creating a national brand that will attract people to undertake safaris in Uganda.

He asserted that many countries have used their export produce to market themselves as tourism destinations through attaching stickers on such products. This should be replicated here in Uganda.

He mentioned that billboards, posters and tourism adverts are being used across the world by other African counter parts thus using such means to invigorate people to undertake Uganda gorilla tracking safaris has nothing wrong with it. In fact, increased safaris to Uganda would automatically stimulate economy and create employment opportunities for Ugandans.

However, he argued that to achieve promotion in the tourism industry, adequate budget is necessary and it’s from this angle that Uganda Tourism Board is basing its self to request for increase in budget for marketing Uganda.

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