GRSafaris in Uganda have contributed to the growth of the tourism industry due to the increased revenue generated from the industry. The Tourism ministry has seen nothing but a boost in its activities and contribution to the national economy.

The sector registered 1.2 million tourists last year, which has greatly improved the tourism industry. The growth has greatly been bought about due to the increased attractions that have attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.

The contribution of the tourism sector has greatly contributed to the Gross Domestic Product which has contributed to the development of Uganda. This development has continued to attract many visitors to come for tour visits to Uganda.

The study indicates that the number of tourists who visited Uganda has been growing in the last two years. In 2010, the country attracted 946,000 tourists while in 2011, the number of tourists increased to 1.1m and 1.2m last year. The increase has really continued to attract more international visitors to come for tour visits to Uganda.

The survey also found that 32 per cent of foreign visitors and tourists came for business reasons, 11 per cent for conference, 17 per cent for leisure, 20 per cent for visiting friends and family, 5 per cent for spiritual/ religious purposes, and two per cent for cultural tourism.

The report also advised that the country should attract tourists through strong marketing and persuading tourists to spend more money to grow the economy. This marketing will help to attract more tourists to have safaris to Uganda.

The study also mainly recommends investing in natural assets and managing national parks, improving road and transport access to areas of high tourist interest, along with other infrastructure services, increasing supply or tourism services through private investment. Once all these are put in action, most tourists will be attracted to come to have safaris to Uganda.

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