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grey crowned crane- uganda safari attractionSecurity is a great element in tourist travel as it forms the ground for clients’ safety in the areas where they always visit while on safari tours in Uganda. In the process to address this issue, the government of Uganda decided to come up with the Tourism Police which is primarily responsible for safety and security of tourists and their attractions.
The Tourism Police which is apparently 700 strong under the command of ACP Omoding and has been deployed to a range of Uganda safari parks, game reserves, game lodges and tented camps and cluster hotspots like Buhoma which is significant entry to Uganda gorilla trekking safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
The force is projected to increase to 3000 strong in the medium term since others are undergoing training. The head of this security arrangement made familiarization tour through the tourist areas that area always visited by travellers on safari in Uganda including the main hiking routes so as to gain insights about the security needs. The trip enabled him traverse the areas from Kabale, Lake Bunyonyi, Kisoro, Lake Mutanda, Nkuringo and the adjoining areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The Tourism Police Officers were subjected to special training featuring public relations, client interface, and customer care in order to be very relevant to the industry and more than ready to execute their duties and sell Uganda as an ideal destination by ensuring for travellers. The extra security arrangements along with Uganda Wildlife Authority personnel will revamp the security of tourist areas. This will reaffirm the travellers that security in Uganda is very fine which will in turn pull a range of travellers to include most of these attractions while planning safaris to Uganda.
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