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Uganda crested crane
Uganda crested cranes

Uganda was declared one of the prime destinations for bird watching come 2013 this comes as result of the boost from the Lonely Planet 2012 award of Best Tourism Destination into the year.This is great news to all Uganda safari bird lovers since bird watching forms a big part of Uganda safaris.

There has been a team up between Bird International which is a global conservation organization that is based on protection of birds as well as their habitats and Nature Uganda a Ugandan organization. They are studying the bird population in Uganda but so far this research has highlighted more than 34 spectacular bird watching areas within the country each possessing a diverse variety of bird species.

Uganda thus possesses an important biodiversity as it not only holds 10 % of the world’s total bird species but an overwhelming 50% of Africa’s bird population as well. On the same note Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has been highlighted as Africa’s number one bird watching site/spot!

Honorable Maria Mutagamba in one of her speeches recently said,” Allow me declare Uganda a preferred bird watching destination as we begin our journey through the next 50 years as we mark the country’s independence jubilee celebrations”.

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