The issue of online gorilla permits has been introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority, but the project has not been introduced fully due some allegations which have been put out to the management of the project that it spent a lot of money, which information is not right, the issue of online permits is to help in easing the delivery of the permits to the tourists who come for mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.The UWA officials have completely said it out that they didn’t spend 10 billion shilling on the buying of the hardware that they used to make the online gorilla permits, this is not right since they are trying to improve of the technology of the tourism sector so as the tourists who come for gorilla tracking safaris can easily be given the permits without any difficult.This new innovation will also help in marketing and promoting Uganda as a tourist destination, this will be mostly focused on the mountain gorillas since they are considered to be the most loved attraction in Uganda especially to the outside world tourists who come for gorilla safaris with in Uganda.These new online gorilla permits are going to help in increasing accessibility of the permits to the visitors since they are going to be put online so as the tourists who are book mountain gorilla safaris can get them easily from the internet.The director of UWA, commented that many gorilla permits are left unsold because of the poor selling techniques which are used, and so this new initiative will help to increase on the number of gorilla permits which are sold to the tourists who want to come for mountain gorilla visits to Uganda.More so, putting the gorilla permits online will also help in providing a chance to the local communities to be able to buy the permits without any kind of incontinences and also they will be able to get a chance of engaging in mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda.

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