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uganda bus accident in murchison After the fetal accident that took place on Friday 16th November 2012 by an over speeding bus knocked and claimed a life an elephant plus many people, just after loosing an antelope in Busitema, Uganda Wildlife Authority has extended sympathies to the grieved families and individuals who sustained injuries as a result of this terrible accident.
Consequently in a bid to protect the Uganda safari business, Uganda Wildlife Authority has reminded and urged motorists that the wildlife laws stipulate clearly that the speed limit when crossing/driving through or near a Uganda National Park and game reserves is 40km per hour.

To this effect, some sections of the public and media have queried the Uganda Wildlife Authority`s in ability to keep wildlife animals from roaming in the streets.
Uganda Wildlife Authority has come out to inform the public and the nation at large that all animals in national parks have the RIGHT OF WAY, an explanation for why the speed limit was put to 40km per hour. Due the fact that some roads (high ways) were constructed crossing through national parks as seen on a Uganda safari /Uganda tour as well as on a mountain Gorilla trekking safari,its common sense that wild animals do exist in those areas and hence cannot be avoided.Motor car drivers are therefore expected and MUST to immediately stop in event of animals crossing highways that cross through national parks.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has gone to remind drivers and cyclists that HOOTING of any nature inside national parks is restricted as well and if done is punishable by law.
The authority further pledged to work with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) closely to put back all road signage warning motorists and cyclists as well as pedestrians to reduce speed when driving through all Uganda`s national parks.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority went ahead to clearly stipulate all roads that pass through Uganda`s national paks and these include; the Masaka-Mbarara highway, the Pakwach-Karuma high way,the Mbarara-Kasese highway and the Mubende-Fortportal.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority further invited the public to make a Uganda safari/have several Uganda safaris or Uganda tours to the various Uganda`s national parks through out this festive season and enjoy some relaxation as they relieve the selves of a hustle full year.