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lions-in-ugandaThe Uganda Wildlife Education Center – the main ex-situ conservation site in Uganda and one of the popular Uganda Safari tour sites is in the preparations of receiving a new lion before the end of November.

According to the information disclosed by the UWEC Executive Director Mr. James Musinguzi, the lion will come in as a donation from the United Kingdom’s Paradise Wildlife Park. This comes as a second time since last year that the center is receiving a donated lion following the coming of Letaba from the Lion Park South Africa as a replacement of Kibonge – the centre’s oldest lion that succumbed to death at the age of eighteen (18) years. This is anticipated to increase the centre’s vibrancy and make it a key site for travelers on safaris in Uganda.

The new lion is called Kasanga and is six (6) years old. It is a lively individual that will excite a range of visitors to the centre most especially the School children that always come in for conservation education.  Besides the site visits, UWEC also reaches out to functions and exhibitions with such wildlife species to increase the awareness about conservation and the public interest in lions has been overwhelming.

Apparently, UWEC was in need of another lion that would remain behind if the center wishes to arrange an outreach conservation education programme. Therefore, the introduction of Kasanga is a move that has been welcomed by both hands.

The population of lions has been on drastic decrease especially in the Uganda tour destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park due to human wildlife conflict and thus the need to increase efforts as regards their conservation through public awareness campaign is long overdue. The UWEC takes the centre stage in such situation.

Mr. Ian Jones the Head of Cats at Paradise Wildlife Park noted that the preparations including arranging the required paperwork such as the International certificates are in progress so as to ensure the transfer the lion to destination Uganda.

Uganda features other lions in the wild especially in Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks and being members of the Big five, they are always on the list of what to see for travelers planning Safaris to Uganda.