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game driveThe government of Uganda has combined with the tour operators in the campaign to develop the tourism industry; this is done in order to encourage more tourists to come for Uganda safaris with in the country. This will however help in the development of the tourism sector.

The campaign to promote Uganda as tourist destination is mainly focusing on encouraging domestic tourism with in the country; this will help in increasing the safaris in Uganda since the local people will also be participating in the developing of the tourism sector in Uganda.

The minister of Tourism, Hon .Maria Mutagambe noted that the people of Uganda have not put in an extra mile of engaging in the local tourism of the country, this she said that they need to participate and visit the local destinations so that the number of safaris can increase in Uganda which will help in the development of the tourism industry.

The only common way Uganda can continue to attract the international tourists, can be through attracting the Ugandans to engage in the local tourism of the country so that the number of safaris can generally increase in the country which will try to improve the tourism industry.

The government under its ministry of wildlife, there is a proposal of providing the local citizens a chance of entering the national parks for free, so that they can be given a chance of enjoying the safaris which are carried out with in the country.

The government has promised to increase the amount of money that is given to the tourism industry which will help in improving the tourism sector in form of developing the infrastructures like the roads, the hotels so that they can meet the standards . This will help in increasing Uganda safaris with in the country.

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