gorilla safaris in ugandaBakwate a mimic of a Mountain Gorilla thriving in the Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park appeared at the famous London’s Trafalgar square luring the Londoners into remarkable amusement.

In an effort to encourage world travelers to take Gorilla safaris to Uganda, the Uganda Tourism Board along with KAMAGEO a Public relations firm based in UK arranged the presentation of this historical Silverback at Trafalgar Square – one of the most popular spots in the world.

The Silverback which first emerged from the London based Uganda High Commission frightened the visiting school children but became a point of concentration with even people interacting with it and sharing yellow bananas. An animatronic version of a Mountain Gorilla posed for photos, played with a traffic cone and plucked the bananas from the visitors making the moment exciting and memorable.

Besides the appearance at the Trafalgar Square in a range of shifts, Bakwate is set to also appear at London’s Olympia’s Destinations Travel Show ending on Sunday.  The interaction with the Mountain Gorilla offered the people a chance to experience their own “David Attenborough moment”

It can be noted that gorilla trekking in Uganda has strengthened conservation efforts leading to steady Mountain Gorilla population increase.  In fact, the country has of recent experienced a Mountain Gorilla baby boom evidencing the possible continuity of these species that are recorded to be cortically endangered world over.

Mountain Gorillas in Uganda thrive in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and the destination is noted to be containing a half of their world population currently estimated at 880 since Bwindi alone features a minimum of 400 individuals.

Uganda gorilla safaris can be undertaken all the year-round with the gorilla permit costing $600 for foreign non residents and $450 in the months of April, May and November which is way cheaper compared to the neighboring destination.