Uganda’s infrastructures need special attention- Uganda safari news

Poor transporoads in ugandartation has greatly affected the development of tourism in Uganda and this has affected the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, this is mainly because the delays and the continuous cost of transport with in the country has greatly affected the movement of visitors with in the country. The poor transport in Uganda has led to high cost of doing business in the country.

Uganda has got many infrastructural finance problems and this has greatly affected the tourism sector in a way that it has retarded the tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda. This is mainly because the roads which lead to the main national parks are in poor conditions yet the numbers of tourists who come for the tour visits has certainly increased.

The state of infrastructures in the country has greatly impacted the tourism sector since there has been reduction in the economic development which has reduced the number of tourists who come for Uganda safaris. The state of Hotels in the country is not conducive since most of them are not to the standards; this has also lead to many tourists to stop traveling to Uganda.

Economic development looks at the regional transport not only as a means of transporting services and goods, but also as a tool of stimulating economic and social development in the surrounding areas. Uganda needs efficient and affective transport means in order to increase the number of tourists who come for tour safaris in Uganda. Transport is an important element in the development of Tourism in any country; hence the government has to put in a lot of efforts in the improvement of the infrastructure in the country.

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