gorillas in virunga volcanoesThe Uganda wildlife Authority has come up with a new unique system of rezoning the National parks in Uganda hence having more Uganda safaris and boosting the tourism sector In Uganda. This will therefore help to maintain proper management of the National parks in different areas hence attracting many safaris to Uganda.

The zones in the National parks include the following, the tourism zone, the community zone, the administration zone and the wilderness zone. This will therefore help ensure efficiency running of all business which takes place in the different National parks so as to provide better facilities to the tourists on Uganda safari to attract them to come for many safaris in Uganda therefore making Uganda a tourist destination.The community access zone will help the local people acquire the needs that they may need from the National parks like tree African medicine so as to make sure everyone is happy with the system. This will also force the local people to market the tourism sector in Uganda there by having more Uganda safaris. This will therefore make Uganda a developed and better place to live in hence attracting many safaris to Uganda.

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