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uganda safarisUganda is a rich safari destination with arrange of tourist attractions and activities including the lucrative gorilla trekking, adventure tours , Chimpanzee trekking, cultural tours among other activities. These attractions and activities present opportunity for visitors to explore the wild and traditional Africa that may not be visible in other parts of the world. However, the Uganda’s potential in tourism has not yet reached the climax thus it leaves a lot to be desired especially the efforts to make these tourist products known to the world.
Considering this background, the tourism stakeholders in Uganda regarding tourism promotion are organizing an expo on 14th and 16th November 2014 as part of the forth coming 39th edition of the Africa Travel Association congress that will be held at Speke Resort Munyonyo from 11th – 16th November 2014 which is considered as the second biggest gathering regarding Africa’s Tourism Sector technocrats  after 1994. The congress is seen as an opportunity to which Uganda will launch the ever first Uganda International Tourism Expo with the aim of increasing safaris to Uganda.
The partners in this endeavor, UWA, UTA, UWEC, Ngaali Uganda and Uganda Museum are all sharing the common goal of promoting Uganda as a safari destination further. The event will be held at Uganda National Museum and will be availed to people including those on safari in Uganda at a free cost though charges will be made for accessing more sophisticated activities and event services.
Among the items to showcase include; traditional shelters depicting the traditional architecture, the big five land animals that is lion, leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo and Rhino alongside crocodile, hippos, birds like ostrich; traditional performances and instruments, art of war, traditional cuisines and folk stories. All these will give a snapshot of what tourists can encounter on Uganda safari.
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