Uganda’s president urges policy makers to minimise challenges facing the tourism growth-Uganda Safari News

anteropes -wildlife safaris in ugandaThe president of Uganda has urged the policy makers of the tourism sector to minimise the challenges which are facing the tourism sector. This will help in improving the promotion and the marketing of the tourism sector. Due to the efforts, there will be increasing numbers of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda.

Through this, the president encouraged sustainable tourism as the best way to develop the tourism sector and also to conserve and preserve the tourism sector. This encouragement of sustainable tourism is mainly to view the contribution of tourism to socio-economic development and poverty alleviation and also promoting regional integration. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for Uganda safaris.

There are increasing numbers of domestic tourists with in the country and this means that there needs to be good policies which will help in improving the tourism sector with in the country. Many Ugandans have been encouraged to participate in tourism and this has helped to increase the revenues of the country and also improving safari tours to Uganda.

There needs to be good infrastructures which will help in facilitating the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda. There needs to be an improvement in hotels, since some of them are not up to the standards and this has greatly discouraged many tourists to come to Uganda.

The tourism master plan was mainly to realize that the tourism sector can be a good solution to the problems facing the tourism sector, these include; poverty, the jobless people all over the world and also the development of the tourism sector.

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