tour guidesUganda’s tourism sector has been the highest income earner of the country and so it has been the leading sector in providing jobs to the people of Uganda, this come as a result of increased safaris to Uganda which has been increasing with in the country and also in developing the tourism sector.

The tourism industry in Uganda is completely set at providing more jobs to the people of the country; this will however help in encouraging economic growth in the country since many visitors will come for Uganda safaris because of the good customer service which is delivered in Uganda.

The jobs which are provided by the tourism sector include; receptionist, cleaners in the hotels, game rangers, managers, tour guides, and many more jobs which have provided income to the local people especially those live near the national parks, this has helped in increasing the number of safari tours to Uganda since these people work with one heart to develop the tourism industry.

The report which was released by the ministry of tourism, shows that the growth of the tourism sector in Uganda has greatly improved the lives of the people of Uganda and many women has come up to engage in the development of the sector, this has greatly helped in increasing safaris in Uganda.

The sector has provided many jobs to the local people especially those who live around national parks, these jobs include; making crafts, acting as tour guides and cleaners in the lodges and hotels in the national parks, this has helped in improving the lives of the local people and at the same improving the safari visits to Uganda.

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