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vets attending a gorillaDr. Gladys Kalema Zikusooka, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Conservation through Public Health (CTPH) have been recognized as the most Influential woman in the area of Medical and Veterinary in East Africa accruing from her efforts in conserving wild gorillas.

CTPH is an organization in the gorilla tracking destination of Bwindi whose sole interest is to work towards the conservation of Mountain gorillas through empowering the health of the community and the other livestock. It is a broader approach to conservation of the endangered wild gorillas that are always sought for on Uganda gorilla safaris.

Gladys Kalema received this on Saturday at the CEO communications dinner at Hilton Hotel – Kenya. This is meant to recognize the significant effort that women have in the societal transformation. Since its inception in 2000, the CEO communications has enhanced initiatives to applaud women and it has evolved in to a prominent for women. This intends to uplift women across African continent, recognizing and celebrating their achievements regarding their positive effect on the continent.

The Ugandan born, Dr. Gladys is re-known for starting the CTPH that aims ensuring the health of wild gorillas suitable for gorilla trekking and also the lives of the community surrounding their habitat. This in turn makes the lives of the surrounding communities better, reducing their dependence on the gazette area thus ensuring the survival of the endangered mountain gorilla and eventually gorilla safaris in Uganda.

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