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boat cruise on Bulera and Ruhondo lakesRwanda, the land of a thousand hills as it is always referred has got various boating options that are beyond the popularly known Gisenyi – Lake Kivu which is always encountered by travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours. To the north west of the country in the Musaze area, there lies other two gems that have got the potential to offer a remarkable boating experience in Rwanda.
Surrounded by the Virunga Volcanoes which comprise of a chain of eight mountains, the Lakes of Bulera and Ruhonda stands as identical twins in their natural shape overlooking the Volcanoes National Park where gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda are carried out on the annual gorilla naming ceremony – the Kwita Izina Ceremony.
The beauty of the lakes along with their surrounding magical sceneries and rewarding boating and fishing activities combine to make the lakes worth exploring on safaris in Rwanda. Upon reaching on Ruhengeri town, you are received by the stunning views of the Volcanoes that ring the twin lakes. Interestingly, there is no specially designated jetty for the boat departure. It is all about identifying a suitable point where the boat that is going to take you for the experience can dock.
The lakes have amongst them some big Islands including Munanira, Bushongo, Bishosho and Cuza. The tour to any of these Islands does not only offer you the touch of local cultures and their traditional fishing techniques but also brings along with them an exciting mountain hiking experience. The Rwanda safari undertakers can also opt for a home stay experience to immerse themselves deeply in the local culture. The options for the time constrained travelers would be participating in some little digging on the Island and do harvesting or engage in a traditional meal preparation with a local family.
Regarding the physical setting, the views of the volcanoes especially the Muhabura towering over the lake are rewarding. The views of the local fishermen searching for fish from all corners of the lake with their rowdy words give you an authentic experience. The young boys and women are also paddling quietly on the lake. The waters of the twin lakes stretch to 180m deep and are normally explored by the international travelers, expats in Rwanda and other high end Rwandese not forgetting the travelers coming from Uganda on Uganda safaris and tours and Democratic Republic of Congo.
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