usa uganda national flagsUganda safaris are going to improve since United States promised to donated a total of 26 Billion to the development and the perfect conservation of wildlife in Uganda, this will help in improving the tourism sector in Uganda.

The funds will be towards the new tourism project named tourism for diversity, which is to help in diversifying Uganda’ s tourism experience by encouraging the development of new trails and more lodging options in the main National Park . This will help in increasing safaris to Uganda. In addition, more bird- watching opportunities should be introduced.

There is need to conserve Uganda’ natural beauty and also to protect its wildlife. This money will help in enhancing projects which are based on improving Uganda’s beauty. This will help to encourage more tourists to come to Uganda for safaris especially those interested in nature and landscape.

These funds will also help in Infrastructural development since, many roads especially those leading to National parks are still in poor conditions and they need to be renovated in order to enforce proper transport to the tourist destinations. This will help in the movement of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda.

One of the National Parks to be developed is Kidepo National Park since this park has been ignored by the tourists and since it had problems of insecurity and poor roads which greatly affected the number of safaris to the park.

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