semuliki-valley-national-park-uganda-safarisSemuliki valley national park is an eastern extension of the Ituri forest in Congo and forms part of the climatic upheavals of Uganda. It is one of the richest areas for flora and fauna in Africa. This park is located in the remote western parts of Uganda in Bundibugyo district.

The park lies on Uganda-Congo border within the western arm of the great eastern African rift-valley. This park has greatly attracted many travelers from all corners of the world to come for Uganda safaris.

The park was gazetted in the year 1993 and it is one of the youngest national parks in Uganda. The park occupies a flat to gently-undulating land ranging from 670-760m above the sea level. The national park is both a lowland tropical rainforest park and a jungle and it has been classified as the most semi-deciduous park allover East Africa.

The park has got over 305 tree species recorded of which 125 are endemic to Semuliki valley National park. This national park also has a high bird checklist of over 400 bird species, some of which cannot be found elsewhere in the whole of East African region including the Iyre tailed honey guide. There are about 63 mammal species and these have attracted many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

Semuliki valley National Park has got 8 species of mammals which occur no-where else in the whole of the East African region and these include, bay duiker, flying squirrel, little collared fruit bat, target rat and water chevrotain among others.

There are also over 30 species of butterflies including 46 species of forest swallowtails and charaxes and with over 235 species of moths. The sempaya hot springs harbors many endemic species of these.

This national park has many touristic activities which have attracted many Uganda safari visits, and some of these include; fantastic scenic views, hot springs, bird watching, forest nature walk, primate viewing and walks along the river Semuliki meanders and hiking. This national park has got many safari accommodation facilities which are available for all the tourists who travel to Semuliki National park.

This park has got good setting for nature walks and wild game drives both day and night drives. The night game drives give a unique perspective of an African wild night life. This is a chance to spot the nocturnal animals and large African pythons. The nature walks get you close to the game and birds of Semuliki valley national park.

This park is a true birders’ heaven whose beauty has been covered by its remoteness although it doesn’t temper with the spirit of adventure in it with its amazing people and features. This is the right time to add up memories on to your life by visiting Semuliki valley national park, the true birders’ heaven and a Uganda safari to this park will give you ultimate African memories.