Use of tourist visa by 2014-Uganda Safaris & Tours news

The installation of the tourist visa is an important indicator for the development of the tourism industry in Uganda. This is because it will help in easing the movement of tourists from one east African country to another, which will help in increasing safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

The tourism sector in all the east African countries will improve since all the tourists will be able to enter other countries to enjoy the safaris without restriction, this will help in improving the tourism sector at the same time improving the revenues of the countries.

The states which are included in the EAC in order to benefit from the tourist visa include; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, all these countries are to benefit from the project since their tourists will be able to enjoy the safari tours to all the East African countries hence improving the tourism sector in East Africa.

This will also help in allowing the economic joint marketing strategy which will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. This strategy will much help in improving the tourism sector and also helping in increasing the revenue of the east African countries.

The tourist Visa will also help in increasing domestic tourism in the East African countries; this is because all the citizens of all the east African counties will also be able to use their identity cards as their movement documents. This will help in increasing safari tours to East Africa.


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