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rubona RwandaRwanda is one of the African countries that are frequently visited by tourists due to its multitude of attractions and activities that range from gorilla trekking  wildlife safaris. The range of protected areas such as Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes give Rwanda safari undertakers a memorable safari in Rwanda.

However, despite of the recorded tourism developments, a lot remain unexploited among which include the rich historic sites such as the Utubindi Twa Rubona. These Rwanda safari offers are situated in Tubindi village, Gatsibo district 4 km off the road to Nyagatare from Kayonza.  The Utubindi Twa Rubona is pot-like holes without necks and rims and appears in cluster form. These amazing features that can be seen while on safari in Rwanda date back to the pre-colonial Rwanda and are thought to have been made by King Ruganzu II Ndoli as he was coming back from Karagwe – northern Tanzania. It is reported that when the King and his entourage reached at this place after a long trek, they wanted water which was nowhere to be seen which prompted the King to excavate the hard rock with his spear which finally filled up with water that quenched everyone’s thirst.

Interestingly to add is that adjacent to the holes on the same rock, there appear two features that are thought to be King Ruganzu’s footprints with the marks of arrows and bows which is also an amazing feature to encounter on Rwanda safari.

The Utubundi Twa Rubona is one of the many heritage sites in Rwanda that can be included on your list while planning safari to Rwanda or can be incorporated in your gorilla safari in Rwanda, Chimpanzee safari in Rwanda or Rwanda wildlife safaris.

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