resortTrees are needed in the National parks because they are homes to wild animals which attract many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda. These therefore have to be protected to have more of them and more wild animals in return hence more Uganda safaris. Animals include the giraffes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys and so many others.

These animals use the forests as their homes, places for food, shelter and so on. However the local people who are less educated about this cut down the trees for their own benefit like to collect timber for charcoal plus other uses hence making the animals lose their habitats hence reduce Uganda safari. This therefore makes the animals shift to other countries for survival hence their reduction and thus less safaris to Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has therefore resorted to re planting the trees in the National parks like Mt Elgon National Park and others so as to attract more tourists to enjoy safaris in Uganda. This is because wild animals will always stay in the forests thus increasing safari visits in Uganda. This will help promote the tourism sector in Uganda and the Economy as well.

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