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Wildlife activists warn tourists who come for Uganda safaris to avoid taking selfies with wild animals while on a tour. The World Animal Protection and Association of Uganda Tour Operators take a measure to control selfie taking next to wild animals.

It has become a tendency for tourists to take selfies while on Uganda safari tours. This sometimes results into prompting these animals to attack them or sometimes spreading of infectious diseases. Gloria Tumwesigye the AUTO Executive Director noted.

At a function that was attended by activists at hotel Africana, they launched a Wildlife Selfie Code to help mitigate outcomes of selfie taking. Close to a total of 250,000 people had agreed and signed the commitment.

The launch of this action will help improve on how wild animals are dealt with in the national parks.

The tourism minister proposes training of all Uganda tourist activists. This includes tour operators, taxi drivers, boda-boda cyclists, and other people who are involved in the tourism sector.

In doing this, it will help give people the technique on how to promote their country concerning tourism to the tourists they interact with.

While on tours like gorilla safari to Uganda or even a Congo gorilla safari tour, tourists should endeavor to take precautions or protection measures concerning their safety. You can never know how the primate like a gorilla can react towards you. So, it’s important to know how to be safe while touring.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Warning issued on selfie taking next to wild animals – Uganda safari news