muchison falls npMurchison falls is located in the northern part of Uganda and it’s known for its diverse wildlife which has always attracted many people to visit the park so that they can enjoy the safari tours in the national park.

The park has got a ferry which is so good at making the tourists explore the park, this helps the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, this helps them to enjoy the beautiful scenery of River Nile and the vegetation of the park, and such places have helped in developing the tourism industry.

The park has got boat rides where tourists will be able to see a variety of birds , reptiles, mammals , these can be best viewed as they sun bath along the shores of the water, the bot cruises are enjoyed by the visitors who came for safari tours to Uganda which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

The park offers variety of wildlife which includes the hippos, the crocodiles, the elephants, snakes, the monkeys and many more which can be enjoyed by the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda; this will help in developing the tourism sector.

The park offers variety of game drives which can be either done in the morning or in the evening, these game drives are mostly loved by the visitors who come for safaris in Uganda, since they get a chance to see variety of animals with in the park

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