The experts in Rwanda have come to dismiss the motion that development should be more hailed than the concept of biodiversity existence. Following the designation of World Bio-diversity day on 22 May 1993 by the United Nations, the significance of bio-diversity has since gained momentum winning the hearts of the many including those that benefit from it directly and indirectly such as the Rwanda safari undertakers.
The Rwanda’s expert desk on Biodiversity notes that every individual has got a key role to play in regards to conservation of bio diversity to ensure the sustainable development of Rwanda. The Sustainable Development concept is a mystery without natural resources’ sustainable use as some of them would definitely disappear affecting the future includes the number of safaris to Rwanda.
The experts not that it from the interactions between the humans and the bio-diversity that people start benefiting from the environment. For example through tourism that fetch counts of foreign exchange to the country arising from travelers that undertake safaris in Rwanda.
Things like mountain gorillas which are critically endangered depend of vegetation and consume fresh vegetation. Thus if the plants are destroyed in the name of development, then gorilla would definitely have nothing to eat which would eventually contribute to their extinction. This would affect gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.
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