ugandaUganda safaris are greatly affected by the poor performance of the tourism sector; the stake holders state that the tourism industry is facing many problems which have hindered its development in Uganda.

The terrorist attacks which are happening in Uganda and to East Africa at large have created a poor publicity to Uganda hence reducing the number of people who travel to Uganda.

The tourism industry in Uganda is releasing little revenues compared to Kenya yet Uganda has got many attractions more than Kenya, this is not good since the number of safaris to Uganda is also decreasing to the country which has affected the performance of the tourism sector in Uganda.

The performance of the tourism sector in Uganda will improve if the government comes up to finance the tourism industry, this will help in improving the tourist attractions with in the country and also helping in increasing the number of travelers who come for safari tours to Uganda.

The authority which is responsible for the tourism sector in Uganda has not fully put in efforts to improve the industry since it has not consulted the stakeholders with in the sector and so this has brought about disorganization in the rules and regulations governing the tourism hence affecting the tourism sector and also impacting on the number of safari visits to Uganda.

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