Uganda’s tourismGR sector is growing at a faster rate mainly because of the increasing safaris which are operated in Uganda. Tour visits have increased due to the presence of tourist attractions like the mountain gorillas, wildlife in National Parks, culture and the city tours which are operated with in the country.

The tourism sector has grown because of increased infrastructure development in the country. That’s to say; the increased roads which are built especially to the tourist destinations. These have helped in improving accessibility to tourist destinations hence increasing safaris to Uganda.

The hospitality of the people of Uganda has proved one of the factors which has led to the over growing of the tourism sector in Uganda. The tourists who always come for safaris in Uganda say that Ugandans have so hospitable, hence encouraging more tour visits to Uganda.

The partnership of the government and the tour operators who are the private sector has greatly improved the tourism, industry in Uganda hence increasing on the number of Ugandan safaris; this is because the government has helped in funding some of the project which the private sector cannot fund.

The works of Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority has proved one of the success factors for the tourism sector in Uganda. These two organizations have helped in marketing and promoting the tourism sector at the same time increasing safaris in Uganda.

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