chimpanzee-nyungwe-parkTo the south west of the land of a thousand hills, the Rwanda Safari tour of Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the remarkable sites whose greatness dates far back to the ancient times as it is known to have survived the Last ice age.

Nyungwe Forest National Park stand as a moist montane forest one of the largest and well conserved montane forest covers in Central Africa supporting amazing populations of biodiversity including the 13 primate species that include; common chimpanzees, the largest grouping of Black and white colobus monkeys in Africa, L’hoest’s monkey, Golden Monkey, Silver Monkey, Red Tailed Monkey, Hamlyn’s Monkey, Olive Baboon, Vervet Monkey, Grey Cheeked Mangabey and Dent’s Mona Monkey among others that make the park very exciting to visit while on Primate Safaris in Rwanda.

Besides Primates, Nyungwe Forest National Park is a rich haven for lush flora including 1068 species of plants including the beautiful Orchids which make the nature walks along the established forest trails very exciting to undertake.  The forest features a range of thirteen (13) trails taking various directions of the forest and offering a close touch with the wilderness than ever before.

For birders, Nyungwe stands above the ordinary! With 275 species of birds, Nyungwe Forest is listed as an Important Bird Area with 26 Albertine rift endemic species including Rwenzori Turacos, Grauer’s Rush Warbler and Shelley crimsonwing among others making it an ideal micro-destination for birding safari tours in Rwanda.

The dense forest cover perched on the hillsides of Rwanda cannot offer something very adventurous and exciting more than the famous Nyungwe canopy walk. At over 50m Above from the ground and 90m in length, the canopy walk departing at Uwinka visitor center offers remarkable views of the forest canopy, the butter fly species, primate species, bird species and the sights of deep gorges below.

Exploring Nyungwe Forest National Park can be done as customized trip or as an extension of a Rwanda gorilla Safari from Volcanoes National Park.