zika forestLocated along Entebbe road 23km from Kampala, Zika Forest is a relatively small forest with quite mature trees and lush undergrowth with thick canopy formally called the upper storey which forms a perfect stop ground for Uganda safari tour undertakers.
The Zika forest extends over 12ha containing a range of bio diversity of forest types, grasslands, forest edge types and swamps that stretch to Lake Victoria. This biodiversity include; 135 species of woody plants, 62 species of sphingid moths, 38 species of saturniid and 40 mosquito species making it worth encountering while on safari in Uganda.
The Zika forest also acts as a virus research field station for the Uganda Virus Institute and has got a 120 feet steel research tower which was initially in Mpanga forest but was relocated to Zika in 1962 with the funding of World Health Organization. The tower has provided a ground for an extended behavioral research and ecological studies with the forest. This narrow metal tower also allows the travellers on Uganda safaris to enjoy the monkey’s and bird’s eye view of the Zika forest Canopy.
This intact forest presents a perfect escape from the urban life in Kampala and Entebbe not forgetting its picnic potential for the natives or corporate retreats in Uganda. Zika’s potential qualifies it to be included on the list of areas to visit when travellers are planning their safaris to Uganda. The forest has got a rich educational significance for study groups and also leisure travellers. No wonder, the former president of United States Jimmy Carter visited the forest while on his bird watching safari in Uganda.
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