ZIWA RHINO SANCTUARYPositioned in Nakitoma, Nakasongora district 182km north of Kampala, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a habitat of the only surviving wild species of white rhinos in Uganda which are always encountered on Uganda safari tours. The sanctuary which is currently containing fifteen (15) southern white Rhinos is re-known as a perfect stop for travellers connecting to Murchison falls National Park.
Initially, Uganda had rhino species but were poached to extinction during the period of turmoil that characterized Uganda from the independence time in 1962 up to 1986 that saw the rhinos get extinct in 1983. The Rhino Fund Uganda a non-governmental organization that was formed in 1997 to work towards reintroducing rhinos which is endangered globally back to the Uganda safari National Parks through the program of breed and release. In this initiative, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary emerged which is 7000 ha of savannah and indigenous woodland that is owned privately by Captain Joe Roy, who has Ugandan citizenship. The memorandum of understanding was reached between the two parties and a thirty (30) year license featuring sole usage rights was offered to Rhino Fund Uganda to utilize the land and in return the fund introduced the rhinos in 2005/2006.
The program started with six (6) rhinos of which four (4) were bought from the Kenya’s Solio Ranch while the other two (2) were donated by the Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, in the United States. Now boasting of fifteen (15) rhinos, Ziwa rhinos sanctuary is one of the great destinations that are not likely to miss on the lists of travellers planning safari tours to Uganda as it presents one of the Big five land animals i.e. Rhinos alongside elephants, buffaloes, leopard and lion that dwell in the adjacent Murchison Falls National Park.
Besides rhino tracking, Ziwa rhino sanctuary is also known for shoebill canoe ride, birding and impressive nature walks all which combine the visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary by travellers on safari in Uganda memorable.

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