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Boda Boda transport facility-Uganda safari News

boda bodaBoda bodas are also good transport services in Uganda. Tourists on Uganda safaris also use them because they are quick since they do not stay in jam as the cars. They drop tourists to safari wherever they want and on time.

These are motorcycles, bicycles and they tell you high prices where you have to bargain to a price that you want. You instruct the cyclist to move at the pace you want to avoid accidents and they will do so that you enjoy your travels while on your safaris in Uganda.

Boda bodas are dangerous and they cause accidents to both local and foreign tourists though very rare to the foreigners. However conclude on the price before you sit on the Boda boda to avoid any disturbances on your tours in Uganda. There are places where the taxis do not reach but boda bodas do therefore used for short cuts.

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