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Bohor reedbuck; antelopes of Uganda – Uganda safari news

Bohor reedbuck in Kidepo , uganda safarisScientifically referred to as Redunca redunca, the Bohor reedbuck is among the Uganda Safari wild game explored in Kidepo Valley National Park among other protected areas. Belonging to the Redunca genus and Bovidae family, the Bohor reedbuck was initially described in the year 1767 by Peter Simon Pallas a German zoologist and features five (5) subspecies.

The Bohor reedbuck stands as medium sized antelope stretching between 100 to 135cm in length while the shoulder height is 75 – 89cm in males and 69 – 76cm in females. The males weigh 43 – 65kg while the females range between 35 – 45kg. The coat is yellowish to grayish brown and the horns are only present in males approximately 25 – 35cm in length as viewed on wildlife safaris in Uganda.

Bohor reedbuck is herbivorous feeding on grasses along with tender reed shoots that feature high protein concentration and low fibre content. It depends on water but the green pastures can serve this purpose. It majorly feeds during night time but it can as well feed during day time.

The males attain sexual maturity when they are 3 – 4 years but females can conceive at one year of age and reproduce every 9 – 14 months. The mating is at its peak during the rainy season though it is not fixed. The dominancy fight occurs in specific assembly points where about 40 males assemble in an area of about 1 hectare. The   gestation period of the reedbuck is 7 ½ months after which the birth of the calf occurs and weaning occurs at about 8 – 9 months. Such interpretation may not be missed while with the guides during the Uganda tours.

Bohor reedbuck thrives in moist swamplands and grasslands along with woodlands and is limited in range to the continental lands of Africa including the region of East Africa where it is explored on East Africa Safari tours.

Regarding conservation, the Bohor reedbuck is listed as species of least concern on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).



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